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    The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Records, Communications and Compliance Division is reforming service delivery for the criminal justice and civil non-criminal justice communities. 

    A significant part of this transformation is the development of the NCCIS portal that is not just a website with links to RCCD services but rather the entry and gateway to a portfolio of services.

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          Civil Stakeholders

            Civil agency stakeholders are those that submit civil fingerprint cards (ex: employment, volunteer, licensing) Brady Transactions or Civil Name Check. 


              Civil Quarterly Newsletters

                      Criminal Justice Stakeholders

                        Criminal justice stakeholders are Federal, State, and local government agencies that perform the administration of criminal justice such as police and sheriff departments courts, and prosecutors.

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                            Training Preparation Survey (running until 07.31.21) Click Here

                              NCJIS Modernization Presentations

                              Criminal Justice NCJIS Modernization Overview Presentation January 2021 (Click here)