Sex Offender Registry and Community Notification

*** Notice to Registered Sex Offenders of Potential Scam *** 

Nevada - The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS), Sex Offender Registry has received reports of a potential scam in an effort to collect money from registered sex offenders. Calls are being made to offenders informing them they are non-compliant with their registration requirements, that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and that the offender must pay a fine in order to be compliant.

Sex Offenders are required by law to register in Nevada and failure to comply is a felony offense; however, the Nevada DPS and local Law Enforcement do not collect money from sex offenders for registration or for warrants issued.

What to do if a suspected scam phone call is received:

•            Do not give out personal or work information

•           Do not arrange to meet with the caller

•           Do not make a payment to the caller

•           Immediately report the call to local law enforcement

•           Contact the Sex Offender Registry for compliance status

Sex offenders who have questions regarding compliance status should contact the Sex Offender Registry directly at: 775-684-6262

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    Where to Obtain More Information

    • Your local law enforcement agency.
    • Records, Communications and Compliance Division Sex Offender Registry, (775) 684-6262 ext. 2.
    • Sex Offender Registry Fax (775) 687-3237
    • The Nevada Attorney General's Office: (775) 684-1100