NCJIS Modernization Program-FAQs

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1. What is the NCJIS Modernization about?

The Department of Public Safety’s (DPS’s) Records, Communications and Compliance Division (RCCD) has launched modernization projects to include software applications that support the statewide law enforcement message switch system (MSS), hot files, computerized criminal history (CCH), and civilian background check processes for things such as employment and firearm purchases.  These civilian applications include Civil Applicant, Civil Name Check (CNC), Point of Contact (POC) Firearms Program , and their associated accounts receivable.  This Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) Modernization effort, spanning multiple biennia, will add critical system functionality for internal and external users that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of RCCD’s operations and provide improved services to the public.

2. Why do we need this NCJIS Modernization?

In September 2018, DPS assessed the current state of its NCJIS Program (NCJIS Needs Assessment conducted by DPS and MTG Management Consultants, LLC, in 2018).  The outcome of this assessment determined that if the current NCJIS, which is based on a proprietary legacy system, is not modernized, it will result in significant risk to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of NCJIS.  In addition, the current vendor for the existing Justice Link MSS, Norsoft Consulting, has notified DPS that it will wind down operations by 2022.  DPS has secured extended support through 2023; however, this wind-down may lead to compromising the DPS system’s capability and functionality, which may ultimately affect public safety.

3. How is the NCJIS Modernization Program administered?

To administer the program, the NCJIS Modernization Program Management Team develops and maintains the project charter, engages with state agency leadership, coordinates project activities, develops project plans and schedules, validates deliverables, enforces project quality standards, and communicates project status to all stakeholders.  In addition, the NCJIS Program Management Team is responsible for the oversight of, and adherence to, the integrated schedule in cooperation with vendors and all related activities.  Most important is ensuring that the program serves the needs of Nevadans and accomplishes the strategic priorities of the State of Nevada. 

4. Who is sponsoring the NCJIS Modernization Program?

The NCJIS Modernization Program Executive Committee provides executive sponsorship for the program, making all executive-level decisions, establishing broad strategies for the implementation of projects, and ensuring participation and the commitment of resources by participating agencies.  

5. What do you mean by civil and criminal justice stakeholders?

Stakeholders include organizations and agencies that work directly or indirectly with DPS and RCCD and that will benefit from the NCJIS Modernization Program. 

Civil stakeholders comprise our community businesses, schools, or other employing organizations that submit civil fingerprint cards (e.g., employment, volunteer, licensing) for back ground checks. This includes Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers and agencies submitting information for  name-based background checks.

Criminal justice stakeholders are federal, state, or local government agencies that perform the administration of criminal justice such as police and sheriff departments, courts, and prosecutors.

The NCJIS Modernization Program Team’s Change Manager, working with the agency-/business-appointed change ambassadors, organizes stakeholder engagement and participation from among these criminal justice and civil (community) stakeholders.

6. How can I secure my organization's input into the NCJIS Modernization process?

Nevada DPS’s RCCD would like your participation in this modernization process.  Your input can best be secured by selecting one or more persons to serve as a Change Ambassador(s) to represent your agency or business.  The selected individual(s) ideally:

Understands and can get behind the big picture.

- Drives or can drive communication in their area or sphere of influence. 

 - Knows the system, who should receive communications, how, and when.

- Is recognized and respected as a champion or leader across many ranks. 

Sign up your change ambassador today by following this link. (Click Here) 

7. Will I receive training on navigating the new portal?

Yes, the NCJIS Modernization Program will offer end-user training prior to deployment of the new portal system.  Courses will be scheduled and offered as they become available throughout the NCJIS Modernization implementation.