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The State of Nevada Point of Contact Firearms Program is still open 7 days a week but is experiencing a high volume of calls. Due to the COVID-19 State Emergency, until further notice all phone lines are open at 8:00am and will be closed at 2:00pm to allow all calls on hold to be processed by 6:00pm daily.

You may fax your 4473 with the following information:

  • We ask that you include a cover sheet that has the following information on it:
    • Employee Name
    • FFL #
    • Phone #
    • Fax #
    • Email address as another means of communication
    • # of backgrounds being sent
    • Also, please send pages 1, 2 and 3 of the 4473 form and ensure its complete and legible. 
    • If you can also include a copy of the person’s driver’s license, that would be helpful but it’s not mandatory. 
Additionally, please don’t duplicate by faxing multiple times or faxing and calling in the same background checks to avoid duplicate billing.

The fax number is (775) 687-3289 which is on 24x7. You may experience a busy signal on the fax machine. Keep trying but please do not duplicate faxes or phone calls to avoid duplicate billing.

The three business day response time starts after the background check has been entered into our system and not upon transmission of the faxed 4473.

The website notification continues to be updated with additional information so check back every so often.

Our phone system is not down. Our queue is at capacity and state phone lines across the entire state are saturated causing multiple phone issues. We have a phone queue that only holds up to 30 callers at one time. The 31st caller will receive a busy signal so just keep dialing. The callers are capped at 20 background checks per call to allow other callers on hold to get through. The queue is capped to allow our limited staff time to process everyone in queue by 6pm. Our phones are open from 8am-2pm and anyone in queue before 2pm will remain in queue until our limited staff process everyone in queue. It is taking us at least 4 hours to process everyone in queue which is why we are shutting the phones off at 2pm so staff can process everyone by or shortly after 6pm.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.

Traffic Accident Reports

The Records, Communications and Compliance Division does not maintain traffic accident reports or traffic citations. Please contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the accident or issued the citation for copies of these documents.