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Last Updated: 02/12/2024

    Current “Requests for Proposal” are listed below. Because RFP postings are updated on a daily basis we encourage you to visit our site frequently. If you have any problems or questions in accessing these RFP documents please contact the Records, Communications and Compliance Division for assistance at (775) 684-6262.

      RFP documents are available in PDF format for your viewing or printing on-line. Adobe Acrobat Reader Software must be loaded on your computer to view or print these documents on-line. The Adobe Acrobat Reader may be obtained free of charge by visiting Adobe’s Free Acrobat Reader Software website.

        When downloading, please first print out the document before filling in the required information. Please follow RFP submission instructions and pay particular attention to the opening date of each RFP. Amendments posted will be listed with a letter extension (i.e.: a,b,c).

          NOTE: If you would like to have any of the documents listed below either Faxed or mailed to you, please contact the Records, Communications and Compliance Division at (775)684-6262 or by fax at (775)684-6267 and we will provide the documents to you per your request.

            RFP Opportunities

               RFP Number  Date Posted Description Documents are Listed by RFP Number  Opening Date/Time   Status Agency Contact 
                  None at this time.      

                NOTE: If a vendor chooses to download an RFP from the website, it is their responsibility to check for any amendments. Proposals received without applicable amendments attached may be rejected.

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